B2B E Commerce Customers Expect B2C Like Shopping ExperienceNEWS FLASH:

B2B ecommerce consumers expect a B2C ecommerce shopping experience.

Whether they are buying skids of toilet paper or high-tech electronics in bulk, B2B consumers expect a B2C-like ecommerce experience.

I don’t know about you, but this isn’t news to me. As an individual consumer I want an exceptional shopping experience and if I am making a business purchase, I want the same type of user-focused shopping experience. But for many B2B organizations, this is a new way of thinking about B2B ecommerce. This trend is referred to as the consumerization of B2B ecommerce and it’s driving the success of the savviest B2B organizations.

Andy Hoar of Forrester Research Inc. recognizes the trend as well. Hoar states, “B-to-b execs have been asking their e-commerce teams why they can’t have the same experience on b-to-b as b-to-c. The bar has been raised, and b-to-b consumers expect a better experience.” (Source: Direct Marketing News)

Historically, B2B ecommerce has been all about processing orders. Site design was minimal, utilitarian at best. There were few, if any, images on the site and all functionality drove the customer to the purchasing process, even if this structure made it hard for customers to find what they were looking for.

The consumerization of the B2B ecommerce experience has changed all that. Industry-leading B2B ecommerce sites are taking a nod from B2C site design and functionality and they are making the B2B ecommerce experience customer-focused. Dynamic and content-rich designs, intuitive functionality and user-focused tools such as advanced search, faceted search and product comparisons are becoming the standard rather than the exception.

In short, smart B2B organizations are finally giving B2B ecommerce shoppers the experience they expect. Is your ecommerce site leveraging the power of the consumerization of ecommerce?

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