Change ReadinessIs your company moving towards B2B eCommerce as a strategic initiative? Is your company already transacting B2B commerce online and need to refine your strategy? How do you know? How prepared are you? Do you know where your strategy stands against peers or competitors? Have you started developing your plans but still don’t have a clear idea of where you stand? Find out!

See where you stand using the Insite Software B2B eCommerce Maturity Assessment tool. This assessment will help determine where your company stands if you are just starting to think about B2B eCommerce process or if you are years into your plan.

In the assessment, your company can fall into 4 different categories. You could be a Role Model, Practitioner, Apprentice, or a Greenhorn. Role Models are the most mature-commerce ready companies in the Forrester Research B2B eCommerce scale of maturity. But this stage is still in large an ideal rather than a reality. Practitioners are considered to be on the “leading edge” of the B2B curve. They are those that are actively building out the business management in commerce horizontally across their organizations, and they are building on an agile platform to meet their online business and customer demands. Practitioners are those companies that are several years into their strategies and have significant budgets to support their strategies.

Apprentices are at the beginning stages of executing their ecommerce plan. They are challenged to define and prove the return on investment for their new initiatives. At this point, apprentice companies are on the cusp of making major investments in time, money, and resources to make their plan a reality. But the process still has its growing pains. Apprentices likely have experienced problems with their technology platforms and infrastructure during their greenhorn stage and could be looking to re-platform. They are still in the process of building and/or reorganizing their team while seeking buy in from their direct sales and customer service teams. To get their buy in, they are evangelizing the value of ecommerce within the organization.

Finally, the Greenhorns are focused on getting the basics right. They are early in the process of transitioning some percentage of their direct sales into direct online sales. They have a focus on the “Order Acquistion” and “My Account” portals for their sites. But these companies face skepticism and resistance from inside their organization. Their culture could be resistant to change and grounded in their traditional business models while refusing to acknowledge that customers prefer to buy online. In these organizations, the development of their ecommerce plan is led either by the Marketing department or the IT department as standalone projects. They are still figuring out how to build the case for ecommerce in their business, and still figuring out who will lead these initiatives and who may need to brought onboard to help.

Now that you’ve seen the different areas companies can fit into, where do you think your company stands? Click the link below to find out.

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