b2b buyers journeyAre you there to properly greet them? Do you have a clear understanding of how your B2B customers’ and prospects’ behaviors are changing and evolving as more and more of their purchasing decisions are made online, well before they ever come into contact with your organization? This infographic encapsulates today’s B2B buying journey from need recognition to research, and from evaluation of alternatives to final purchase decision and beyond.

The B2B Buying Journey

This topic is undoubtedly top of mind across your manufacturing or distribution organization as B2B eCommerce rapidly evolves and B2B buyers’ expectations soar. More buyer personas than ever are getting involved with business purchases, using more varied devices and across more channels than ever. Being present in online channels with content that educates your customers and prospects, and helps guide their purchasing decisions has never been more important.

Growing B2B Buyers’ Expectations

B2B and B2C commerce expectations are blending more now than ever, too. Today’s B2B buyers not only expect a user experience as familiar to them as their online consumer buying experiences, but they also want and need the deep and complex product content unique to B2B purchasing. That’s why two-thirds of B2B buyers surveyed say the vendor they ultimately chose had better quality online content to help them make the case for the purchase.

A Useful Tool for Your Internal eCommerce Discussions

Nearly half of B2B buyers say that the most important time to gain their loyalty is when they make their first online purchase. Does your B2B eCommerce solution make a good first impression with a purchasing experience that provides incentives for repeat purchases, effectively responds to their inquiries and issues, and gathers their feedback and recommendations?

Download the infographic and use it as a discussion tool in your organization as you strive to improve your B2B eCommerce solution and better understand the complex B2B buying journey. The infographic includes important trends, questions to consider, and recommendations on what you should focus on at each stage of your customer’s buying journey. Download it today>