9 TWIPs to Increase E Commerce Sales

The goal of ecommerce is to sell your products. Use the following TWIPs to increase the sales on your ecommerce site.

What’s a TWIP?

Glad you asked!

TWIPs: Little nuggets of ecommerce information that can be implemented quickly and easily. All in 140 characters or less!

Here are 9 TWIPs about how to increase sales on your ecommerce site. Enjoy!

TWIP #1:

#Ecommerce Tip: Maximize every customer contact: add an offer of free shipping in remarketing emails if the customer returns & purchases.

TWIP #2:

#Ecommerce Tip: Statistics sell. Got some good data to share with your customers? Make sure you merchandise those numbers!

TWIP #3:

#Ecommerce Tip: Cross-sells increase ecommerce sales. Is your Ecommerce site taking advantage of this easy sales tool?

TWIP #4:

#Ecommerce Tip: Consider using video customer reviews for B2C & case studies for B2B. They’re even more powerful than written reviews.

TWIP #5:

#Ecommerce Tip: Be descriptive in your product descriptions. This is the place to SELL your product’s features/benefits.

TWIP #6:

#Ecommerce Tip: Product spec pages should include “the facts” & answer key consumer questions–will the sofa fit through my door?

TWIP #7:

#Ecommerce Tip: Include a product image for every product on your site, unless it’s really ugly. (And it’s not that ugly.)

TWIP #8:

#Ecommerce Tip: Use post-purchase thank you messages to invite the customer to buy again. Include an enticing incentive.

TWIP #9:

#Ecommerce Tip: Offer customers custom tailored discounts or special offers when they log in to your site. Allow immediate redemption.

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Photo credit: Andreas Kollegger