9 Things Your B2B Ecommerce Customers Wont Tell YouAny B2B company worth its weight appreciates and relies on customer feedback on how to make its products and services better.

What you might not realize is that often the most important feedback never crosses your desk.

This is the stuff that B2B consumers run into all the time, but don’t know how to share with you. Quite often there isn’t an outlet for them to share this kind of important feedback with you. What’s more, most consumers won’t bother to take the time to share this information with you…frustrated, they just quietly move over to the competition instead.

Here are nine things your B2B customers aren’t telling you:

  1. Your online portal is dated. We dread having to use it because the interface is clunky and cumbersome.
  2. I don’t shop with you because I can’t purchase online. I just go to your competitor who offers ecommerce instead.
  3. I abandoned my cart because the shipping and handling costs were too high. Had I seen the pricing earlier, I would have been prepared or made different decisions.
  4. I’m actively shopping the competition. Via the Internet I am able to compare your pricing and service options against competitors anywhere in the world.
  5. Your pricing and service don’t fare well when stacked up against the competition. The more I realize what your competitors are up to, the more I think about moving my business to them.
  6. Relationship matters, but it’s not how I decide where to purchase. I’m looking for exceptional pricing, industry-leading services and a customer-centered culture.
  7. I appreciate images when completing an ecommerce order. While this isn’t a personal online shopping transaction, it should still be appealing.
  8. Your website talks over my head. I work in this industry and I can’t follow all the acronyms and industry jargon. It’s like alphabet soup!
  9. Your website talks to me like I’m an idiot. I am a professional in this industry and I don’t appreciate being talked down to when I visit your site.

What you don’t know can hurt you and your ecommerce success! Check out tomorrow’s post that tells you how you can address each of these critical B2B ecommerce customer concerns.

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