8 Quick Tips for E Commerce Success“Lately I find that I’m short on time and need to focus on the activities that are most likely to impact the success of my ecommerce site right now.”

Do you feel that way about your ecommerce site? If so, here are eight quick tips that offer simple ways to make small changes that can have a BIG effect on your ecommerce sales.

  1. Free shipping boosts ecommerce conversions–especially on oversized or heavy items. Are you able to utilize free shipping to improve your odds that a visitor will become a customer? Learn more about how free shipping can improve your ecommerce success.
  2. Consistent on-site branding improves the customer experience. Online shoppers are sitting at home as they peruse your site. Make sure they know exactly what store they are shopping by employing consistent and clear site branding. Your ecommerce site should look and feel exactly like the rest of your stores, dealerships or corporate literature. Learn more about how branding affects ecommerce success.
  3. Consider why your customers abandon ecommerce carts. Cart abandonment is the bane of any ecommerce site manager’s existence. If cart abandonment doesn’t have you worried, it should. Stopping to consider why your customers are bailing out before they complete the sale is the first step to fixing the problem. Learn more about why ecommerce customers abandon carts and what you can do about it.
  4. Remarketing efforts can recapture lost sales. A simple follow up message to customers who abandon carts can get them to reengage and buy the items they left behind the last time they visited your site. Learn more about reducing cart abandonment.
  5. Utilize user generated content to improve your site’s credibility. Everyone knows that nearly all of the content on an ecommerce site is generated by some marketing team in an office somewhere. Implementing user reviews and user forums on your ecommerce site can add a level of credibility you can’t get without customer endorsement. Learn more about how to use user generated content on your ecommerce site.
  6. Use promotions to drive traffic to your site and increase conversions. Ecommerce promotions are a great way to drive sales to your ecommerce site–unless they crash it in the process. Take a look at what happened on the Target.com site and learn how to make sure your ecommerce site is prepared before you launch your next big promotion.
  7. Add a blog to your ecommerce site to improve your site’s search engine results ranking. This is a simple change that, over time, can produce powerful results. Blogs feed the search engines and search engines are all about content. Learn why you should be blogging and how it can drive ecommerce success.
  8. Stop trying to be Amazon.com. Amazon is, by far,  the gold standard of ecommerce excellence, it’s true. But you aren’t Amazon.com and that’s okay. Instead of focusing on trying to make your ecommerce site an Amazon.com knock-off, focus on adding essential functionality to your ecommerce site that will add the most value for your customers. Learn more about how to make your site the best it can be using Amazon.com as a guide.

Small changes can reap big results. Which of these tips are you going to try on your ecommerce site? I’d love to hear about which you tried and your results.

To learn more about how to position your ecommerce site for success, download the white paper, B2B Ecommerce Success – Seven Questions to Consider When Beginning an Ecommerce Intiative.