6 TWIPs on How to Use Video to Increase Ecommerce Success

Online product videos increase ecommerce sales. But by how much?

Up to 45%!

Internet Retailer reports that online retailer OnlineShoes.com’s conversion rate increases by 45% for shoppers who watch a video versus those who don’t. Zappos.com reports that adding video impacts conversion 6%-30% (Source: ReelSEO).

Here are 6 TWIPs to help you maximize the use of videos on your ecommerce site.

What’s a TWIP? Glad you asked!

TWIPs: Little nuggets of ecommerce information that can be implemented quickly and easily. All in 140 characters or less!

Okay, here are the TWIPs:

TWIP #1:

#Ecommerce Tip: Video case studies are powerful B2B ecommerce promotional tools that add credibility to your brand. http://bit.ly/iImFLB

TWIP #2:

#Ecommerce Tip: When creating a video case study to promote your ecommerce site, choose a customer with great things to say about you!

TWIP #3:

#Ecommerce Tip: Choose customers with compelling stories for video case studies. How did your product make their lives easier?

TWIP #4:

#Ecommerce Tip: Writing a script for videos you plan to use on your ecommerce site will make production simpler & less expensive.

TWIP #5:

#Ecommerce Tip: Using video to promote products on your ecommerce site? Remember shorter run times are better: 3 minutes or less!

TWIP #6:

#Ecommerce Tip: Be ruthless in editing video footage to be used on your ecommerce site. People have short attention spans! Short = good!

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Photo credit: EuroMagic via Flickr