6 Signs You Need a New E Commerce PlatformIt’s no secret that the world of ecommerce is changing at a pace that most organizations struggle to keep up with. Emerging technology and new trends make maintaining a relevant ecommerce site a quickly moving target. Here are six reasons you should be in the market for a new ecommerce solution.

  1. Your site looks just like it did when you launched it in 2007. If your ecommerce site strategy has been something along the lines of “set it and forget it,” you are probably long over due for a site update–and a new ecommerce platform. While your platform was fine for what you needed when you launched the site, it’s unlikely that it will help you maintain a lead over your competitors. It’s time to look for a robust solution that provides you with the design capability and function that you need to stay ahead.
  2. Your site looks just like every other site that uses the same ecommerce platform. Using a bolt-on ecommerce module offered by your ERP providers or taking advantage of an online shopping cart software can get you started in ecommerce, but you are likely to quickly realize that any site offered on the same platform looks strikingly similar to your site–and not in a good way.
  3. You’re still printing off online orders and entering them into your ERP manually. Without integration to the ERP system, ecommerce is not much better than a glorified fax machine. If you have to print off all of your orders and enter them into your ERP and back-end systems manually, you need a new ecommerce platform that offers integration.
  4. You have to ask your IT group to make site content changes for you. Nothing is worse than having an urgent site content chance and having to request that someone outside of your department physically make the change for you. Often times, ecommerce site management gets lumped onto an IT department when it’s not really an IT initiative at all. If your site is so complex that you can’t update it yourself and have to wait for IT to do it, you need a new platform.
  5. You’d rather get a root canal than update your site content. Maybe you have access to updating your own ecommerce site content–but if you avoid making those updates like the plague, something’s wrong. Going in for a root canal should not be more enticing than making simple changes to your website and if it is–you need a new platform.
  6. Your customers would rather get a root canal than use your site to place online orders. Your customers will rarely tell you outright that your site stinks. More often they will avoid using it altogether. If your customer base refuses to use your site–or worse, transitions to the site for an order or two but then bounces back to placing orders the old way, you need a user-centered ecommerce platform and fast.

If any of the above ring true for you, it’s time to start looking for a comprehensive ecommerce platform that will move your ecommerce strategy forward and drive ecommerce sales.