6 Tips for B2B E-Commerce SEO SuccessI recently received an email inquiring about how a B2B e-commerce company should get started with search engine optimization (SEO). Seeing as SEO is a HOT topic for most companies with an online presence, I thought I would post my answer here.

My prescription successful B2B e-commerce SEO:

  1. Create dynamic and relevant content for your end users. Serve your customers and you will ultimately feed the Google beast as well. If you really think like your customer and create content that meets their needs, you’re halfway there.
  2. Focus on one keyword / idea per page. Google wants information served up as cleanly as possible and will reward sites that keep the 1 topic:1 page ratio.
  3. Include the keyword in the title and Meta tags for each page. Make sure each web page has a unique title that includes the keyword for that page. Likewise, the same keyword should appear in the Meta description and H1 tags.
  4. Include keywords in the body copy. Your keywords/phrases should appear in your body copy–but remember, you are writing for humans not the GoogleBot. Include your keywords only where it makes logical sense.
  5. Optimize all of your images. Yes, all of them. It can be a lot of work to go back and optimize the images on a site that is image heavy and already built, but chip away at it piece by piece. Make sure each image includes Alt Text. This alt text should include your keyword in a sensible way.
  6. Start blogging. If you haven’t already, start blogging. Each blog entry you create on your site is a new page. New pages = new content. Google loves new content. A blog with regular updates will keep the GoogleBot interested in your site as well as serve as a way to educate your customers. Still not convinced? Don’t take my word for it. HubSpot found that companies that blog have 434% MORE indexed pages! That’s a lot more love from Google!

Remember, you can’t flip the SEO switch and see instant results. True “white hat” SEO practices take time. Anyone who says otherwise is selling something that you don’t need. Stay the course, keep creating dynamic content and you will see results.

What are you doing to maximize SEO on your B2B e-commerce site?

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Photo credit: Search Engine People Blog.