6 Reasons People Avoid Ecommerce

According to an infographic put together by Invesp, a conversion optimization company, based on research from Internetretailer.com and eMarketer.com, there are six reasons people avoid ecommerce. How does your site handle each of these objections? If you don’t have an immediate strategy to counter each objection, it’s likely that you are losing online sales.

  1. People want to touch a real product. This is the biggest objection that most consumers have about ecommerce. They can’t touch the item they wish to buy and there’s no showroom to visit. Work around: To get around this objection, provide a considerable amount of information about each item on your site including product specifications (think dimensions, weight, etc.) and pictures. Utilize as many images as you need to accurately convey how the item looks from all sides to counter the need to touch the object.
  2. Shipping cost. Low product prices attract customers to ecommerce, but shipping costs are a huge turn-off, especially on larger purchases or bigger items. Work around: Consider offering free shipping on orders over a certain amount or on larger items where shipping would be cost-prohibitive.
  3. Privacy concerns. No one wants their personal information–and especially their financial information–floating around on the Internet for any phisher to snatch up. Additionally, concern about unsolicited marketing solicitations may impede a customer’s willingness to buy. Work around: Make sure potential customers know that their personal information is secure. Display any security seals or endorsements that you may have to let them know that you take their privacy seriously. Call out how you will or will not use their personal information. Don’t assume that they know that you will never sell their info or SPAM them.
  4. Returning products. No one wants to buy something online only to discover it wasn’t what they wanted, it doesn’t fit or isn’t a good color match. The only thing that makes the situation worse is when it’s difficult to return the item. Work around: Make returns EASY to complete. Clearly publish your return policies online as to what you will and won’t accept. Document any processes that need to be followed–but simplify the requirements whenever possible. Allow customers to make the return in a physical store if you have them. If not, consider prepaid return shipping or no-cost return shipping.
  5. Buy in store. Some consumers simply want to make their purchases in a physical store. Work around: This is a hard one for ecommerce as the entire premise leads away from the in-store buying experience. However, if you have physical stores, leverage your ecommerce site to educate and drive consumers that are looking for a in-store experience to one of your physical locations.
  6. Contact sales. Some buyers want to talk to a salesperson if they have questions and they might fear that they won’t have the oppotunity to reach out to someone if they need to. Work around: Offer a live chat feature on your site where customers can readily interact with one of your representatives. Post your toll-free customer service number on every page of your site so that customers can immediately reach out if needed without having to search for your contact info.

By taking time to address the six most common objections to ecommerce, you are likely to make potential customers more comfortable on your site and increase the chance they will purchase.

To learn more about how to leverage your ecommerce effort, download the white paper, B2B Ecommerce Success – Seven Questions to Consider When Beginning an Ecommerce Initiative.