PunchOut eCommerceYour business customers, who are also most likely online consumers, are dictating a change in how they purchase your products online. They want a seamless experience from their desktop to your catalogs as well as direct integration with their ERP. They expect the same type of B2B eCommerce experience they enjoy in B2C environments. With complex B2B requirements, such as individualized storefronts and workflows, product configuration and customization, and budget and credit management, and highly manual or disjointed systems, how will you keep customers from going to your competitors?

Streamline your customers’ online buying experience with PunchOut.

PunchOut is a direct integration model between a supplier and its customers. It is an electronic communication between a supplier’s web storefront and order management system and a buyer’s eProcurement or ERP system. The buyer leaves (“punches out”) from his/her company’s system and goes to the supplier’s web-based catalog to locate and add items to his/her shopping cart and check out. The cart is sent to the eProcurement system for approval. When the purchase order is approved it is sent to the supplier for processing and finally submitted for fulfillment.

The 6 key benefits of PunchOut

  • Reducing operational costs
  • Eliminating manual PO entry
  • Allowing purchasing to interface with other company systems
  • Ensuring adherence to negotiated contracts
  • Allowing management to control purchasing budgets
  • Delivering the right information to customers

Providing PunchOut capabilities for your customers puts you steps ahead of your competition.

Want to learn more? Download the PunchOut White Paper