A recent survey of multi-channel retailers found that 65% of online retailers thought that improving ecommerce merchandising would be “very valuable” to their businesses. If upping your ecommerce merchandising game is important to your organization in 2012, you should consider the following four ways to easily improve your online merchandising skills:

Consider cross-selling. Cross-selling is the act of showing a consumer products that compliment the product they are looking at buying. For example, if an organization is looking at buying a new copier, the associated toner or an on-going maintenance plan would be examples of cross-sells that would be relevant to the purchase.

Consider upsell opportunities. Upselling is the act of showing the consumer a similar product to the one they are looking at purchasing but that has more bells and whistles–and subsequently, a higher price. Using the copier example again, if an organization is looking at traditional black and white copier, an example of upselling the item would be to also show them a color copier or a copier with higher printing speeds.

Consider consumer recommendations. A form of cross-selling, consumer recommendations are an easy way to suggest similar items that a customer might be interested in while avoiding an outright marketing plug. Consumers trust other consumers–whether they are buying for personal or business use. Consider the use of Amazon.com’s recommendation: “Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought” section.

5 Ways to Improve E Commerce Merchandising

Consider product bundling. Bundling is fast becoming a way to promote merchandise online. Online merchants like Amazon.com are especially good at bundling products together. For example, if I’m looking to buy the book, The Hunger Games, I will most likely be offered the three book series as a bundle.

5 Ways to Improve E Commerce Merchandising2

Consider consumer education. Sometimes consumers buy what they know and skip the rest. When this happens, those same consumers might be missing out on a product that could enhance the performance of the item they originally purchased. Sometimes, simply offering complimentary products via cross-selling isn’t enough–you may need to education your consumers. This can be done through “how-to” guides, instructional videos and white papers that document the use of other products in concert with the item they intend to purchase.

To learn more about how to improve the merchandising on your ecommerce site, download the white paper, Increase the Cart – Creating a Personalized Ecommerce Shopping Experience.