5 TWIPs to Increase Your Ecommerce Sites Visual Appeal

Everyone loves useful little nuggets of information–especially ones that can be implemented quickly and easily. And I don’t know about how much information you are deluged with each day, but I appreciate useful brevity!

To that end, here are 5 TWIPs about how to up your ecommerce site’s visual appeal.

Are you wondering what a TWIP is?

TWIP: Ecommerce tip in 140 characters or less. A little nugget of ecommerce wisdom that you can use to make your ecommerce site more effective right now.

Basically, a TWIP is my short hand for an ecommerce tip that can be tweeted about on Twitter.

TWIP #1:

#Ecommerce Tip: Make sure your site images speak to your target audience. Will they see themselves in the images?

TWIP #2:

#Ecommerce Tip: Improve readability on your site. Use high contrast color choices for text.

TWIP #3:

#Ecommerce Tip: Forcing a user to scroll horizontally = bad idea. Avoid horizontal scrolling at all costs.

TWIP #4:

#Ecommerce Tip: Your ecommerce site is not a turkey. Don’t “stuff it” with useless content. Make sure all content serves a purpose.

TWIP #5:

#Ecommerce Tip: Don’t let your site be the “pushy salesman.” Avoid pop ups and banner ads.

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Photo credit: Ken Banks, kiwanja.net