2011 is just around the corner and it’s time to start revving your B2B ecommerce marketing engines. If you’re like me, you are always on the look out for insightful, relevant information to keep your strategies cutting edge. Here are four of my go-to B2B web resources that you should check out before crafting your 2011 ecommerce marketing strategy. Each one specializes in a critical area for B2B ecommerce growth in 2011. The best part is that each of these resources makes a host of information available for free to anyone who wants it through their blogs and web articles.

  1. small_jpContent marketing. It’s no secret that quality online content is essential for B2B ecommerce success. With that in mind, make sure your 2011 marketing campaign positions your company as the ultimate resource for information about your industry. This is accomplished by focusing your efforts on creating exceptional and highly valuable content. To learn more about content marketing, I highly suggest you check out Junta Joe from Junta42.com. His blog looks at the trends in content marketing and how marketers can learn to think and act like publishers.
  2. Jeff Ogden, The Fearless CompetitorDrive traffic to your site. In 2010, 8 out of 10 companies said that “Poor quality of sales leads” is their #1 challenge and fewer than 50% of their salespeople are making quota.  If that includes your B2B company, it’s time to start reading Jeff Ogden’s blog at FearlessCompetitor.net. Ogden proposes that we change B2B marketing forever and gives rock-solid, actionable ideas of how to do it via free white papers, engaging blog posts, and suggested reading lists. Learn more about B2B lead generation with the Fearless Competitor.
  3. SeeWhyLead conversion. Looking for tips on how to increase your ecommerce site’s conversion rates? Wondering how you can improve your online forms and checkout process? Want to know what the sites with the highest conversion rates are doing? Then SeeWhy’s blog is the place to start your research. And if someone at your company hasn’t embraced the value of Facebook as a marketing tool, make sure they watch 10 Eye-Popping Facts About Facebook from SeeWhy.
  4. hubspot_logo1Inbound marketing. Does your SEO plan need a shot in the arm? Need some ammo to convince an executive that your company not only needs a blog but is missing the boat by not having one? Then Hubspot.com is for you. With a blog that gets to the nitty-gritty of the whys and hows of inbound marketing to incredibly entertaining videos on YouTube, Hubspot’s blog is an incredible resource for inbound marketing tips, tricks, and statistics.

I hope you find these B2B marketing resources to be as useful as I have as you create your 2011 ecommerce marketing strategy!