4 Ecommerce Predictions for 20112010 is wrapping up and 2011 looms on the horizon, wrought with possibility and the unknown. It’s that time of year where we all begin to speculate on what changes will come to our industry in the New Year. Here are my four predictions of how ecommerce will change in 2011.

  1. More B2B companies move into the ecommerce arena. Until recently, ecommerce has largely been the sole territory of B2C companies. No more. 2011 will bring with it a shift toward B2B ecommerce functionality. Those B2B companies that embrace ecommerce will edge out their competition that is not in the ecommerce space.
  2. First-mover B2B companies will begin to adopt mobile ecommerce strategies. Like it or not, mobile commerce is growing at a rapid rate. Some industry experts predict that mobile commerce will eclipse ecommerce’s popularity in the near future. Savvy first mover B2B companies will embrace mobile and roll it out to their customers in 2011, resulting in a B2B workforce more fully capable of doing business on the move.
  3. B2B ecommerce will embrace promotions, robust content, and SEO techniques historically reserved for B2C ecommerce businesses. B2B ecommerce businesses are catching on to what B2C ecommerce has known all along: Active promotional techniques, robust content that focuses on the visitor’s needs, and search engine optimization drive traffic and increase sales/conversions in the ecommerce space. In 2011, B2B ecommerce companies will tap into these powerhouse techniques and improve the viability of their ecommerce initiatives.
  4. Integrated ecommerce will become the industry-standard. All too often, ecommerce initiatives are run as stand-alone strategies without integration to a company’s total business system. This results in duplication of effort and opportunity for error. Not in 2011. The recession may officially be “over,” but most companies are still trying to increase productivity and cut costs. Integration of the ecommerce platform with the ERP and back-end business systems will streamline businesses and make them more profitable in 2011.

What are your ecommerce predictions for 2011?