4 Ecommerce Blog Posts You May Have MissedAnyone else out there completely inundated with information? It’s pretty amazing how quickly information comes at business professionals these days. With that in mind, I am creating a post that looks at a few of our top ecommerce blog posts that, given the veritable wave of information out there, you may have missed. Here they are:

7 Reasons People Buy Online – Improve Your B2B Ecommerce Site. Ever wondered why your customers buy online and how to improve the buying experience so that they never buy from the competition? This article identifies the seven reasons people buy online and gives you ideas of how to leverage that knowledge and ensure that when they buy online, they buy from you. Read the article, “Seven Reasons People Buy Online.”

The Benefits of Ecommerce. What are the benefits of implementing B2B ecommerce for your organization? This brief blog post shares them with you and gives you something to think about as you launch your ecommerce strategy. Learn more about the benefits of ecommerce.

7 Ways to Create Orders Online. Did you know that creating an online order is different on a business-to-consumer (B2C) than it is on a business-to-business (B2B) site? It’s true. Where traditional consumers create an order solely by adding an item to their cart and then checking out, B2B ecommerce customers have seven different ways that they can create a new order online. Learn more by reading the article.

4 Essential Online Resources for B2B Ecommerce. I don’t know about you, but I am always looking for good resources that I can learn from to better my online ecommerce game. In this article, I share four of my favorite online resources with you–I hope you find them to be as useful as I do! Discover the four online ecommerce resources no manufacturer or distributor should ignore.

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