4 B2B Ecommerce Myths BustedAs the way B2B companies do business changes, myths about B2B ecommerce abound. Often based on fear of the unknown, these myths or ways of thinking about B2B ecommerce can severely limit a company’s potential for growth. So, today we’re setting the record straight on four common B2B ecommerce myths.

  1. B2B ecommerce is a fad. This one is about as far from truth as is possible. B2B ecommerce is growing rapidly each year and shows no sign of stopping. Check out this article that looks at the business strategy behind the buzz.
  2. Our customers won’t make purchases online. To this I promptly ask: Are you sure? Have you asked them? Even in industries that are notoriously slow to adopt new technologies, ecommerce opens up an entirely new way to interact with your customers. Your customer base is getting younger and younger as the Boomers start to retire. Your Gen X and Gen Y customers have grown up with technology—Gen Y probably doesn’t remember life without it! Need more proof? Hear it firsthand from Akron Hardware in this video case study.
  3. User experience doesn’t matter in B2B ecommerce. It’s a business transaction, after all. It might be a business transaction, but the buyer is still human. Today’s consumers are used to the robust interactive online experience of B2C ecommerce sites. They are demanding similar functionality from the B2B sites they interact with. Sites without an interactive experience are likely to be left behind for those that do.
  4. Ecommerce isn’t personal enough for B2B business. It’s true that B2B portals of days gone by were built solely as a means to an end and it’s no secret that the shopping experience in those portals was lacking, but that’s changing. Guided by the interactive features and functionality of B2C ecommerce, today’s B2B ecommerce experience is highly personalized to meet customer needs. Learn more here.

For many organizations, there are a lot of “unknowns” in B2B ecommerce. Because B2B ecommerce is effectively hidden from view behind secure entry portals, much of what is “known” is actually based on myth. Believing these myths can significantly limit your organization’s potential for growth in coming years. Don’t believe the myths! Get the facts first.

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