3 Questions: Comparing Ecommerce Service ProvidersGoogle “ecommerce” or “ecommerce solution” and you’re bound to be buried in results–some useful, others not so much. The trick is in reducing the results to a manageable size and then figuring out which of the finalists will best meet your needs.

Here are 3 essential questions to consider as you compare ecommerce solution providers:

1. What is the ecommerce solution provider’s area of expertise? Most ecommerce solution providers emphasize in a specific type of ecommerce business. Finding one whose expertise matches your need is essential. For example, if you’re a wholesale manufacturer of titanium widgets, you probably wouldn’t want a site design created by a ecommerce provider that caters to the world of high fashion. Likewise, if you are a high-fashion company selling direct to the consumer, you probably don’t want to launch your site using a company that is just learning about the finer details of the B2C ecommerce world.

2. Does the ecommerce provider understand your business model? A business is a business, right? Well, sure…except when it isn’t. The truth is that every organization operates with a specific set of business rules and workflows. For an ecommerce initiative to be a success, it’s essential that your ecommerce solution provider understand the unique nuances of your business. Only then can they help customize your ecommerce platform to enhance the way you do business.

3. Is the ecommerce solution provider experienced with back-end integration? Without back-end integration, your ecommerce site is nothing more than a glorified fax machine–it gathers the orders into one place, but doesn’t help you do business any faster or smarter. Make sure your ecommerce solution provider is experienced with full, back-end business integration.

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Photo credit: Mike Johnson – TheBusyBrain.com