10 TWIPs to Reduce Ecommerce Cart Abandonment

Ecommerce cart abandonment is a phenomenon that every B2B and B2C ecommerce site should actively work to reduce or eliminate. To help you get started, I’ve compiled a list of 10 TWIPs that address how you can reduce cart abandonment on your site today!

Wondering what a TWIP is? Glad you asked!

TWIP: Ecommerce tip in 140 characters or less. A little nugget of ecommerce wisdom that you can use to make your ecommerce site more effective right now.

Basically, a TWIP is my short hand for an ecommerce tip that can be tweeted about on Twitter.

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Here’s the 10 TWIPs to reduce ecommerce cart abandonment:

TWIP #1:

#Ecommerce Tip: Using triggered emails as follow up with customers who abandon carts increases the chance you can regain a lost sale.

TWIP #2:

#Ecommerce Tip: Follow up with customers who abandoned carts within 24 hours while the purchase is still on their mind.

TWIP #3:

#Ecommerce Tip: Revisit cart contents in abandoned cart remarketing emails to remind the customer of what they wanted to buy.

TWIP #4:

#Ecommerce Tip: Encourage visitor to reengage with an abandoned cart by offering an incentive to buy.

TWIP #5:

#Ecommerce Tip: Reduce number of pages in checkout process to 3 or less to reduce cart abandonment.

TWIP #6:

#Ecommerce Tip: Mini carts allow shoppers to see what is in their cart while shopping  and reduce cart abandonment.

TWIP #7:

#Ecommerce Tip: Display shipping costs as early as possible in the shopping process to reduce cart abandonment.

TWIP #8:

#Ecommerce Tip: Offer a discount code on your site to keep customers from leaving to find one.

TWIP #9:

#Ecommerce Tip: Conduct a brief survey of shoppers who abandon carts on your site. Listen to their answers. What are they telling you?

TWIP #10:

#Ecommerce Tip: Display company contact information on all site pages, including order confirmation and checkout pages.

Ready for more nitty-gritty than a TWIP provides? Start with this white paper: Integrated Enterprise Ecommerce – The Key to Online Success for B2B and B2C.