10 TWIPS to Improve B2B E Commerce SitesLooking for a quick way to boost the effectiveness of your B2B ecommerce site? You’re in luck! Here’s 10 TWIPS to help you do just that!

What’s a TWIP? Glad you asked!

TWIPs: Little nuggets of ecommerce information that can be implemented quickly and easily. All in 140 characters or less!

Okay, here are the TWIPs:

TWIP #1: #Ecommerce Tip: Resist the urge to pass up branding your B2B ecommerce site. B2B consumers are still consumers!

TWIP #2: #Ecommerce Tip: Video case studies are powerful B2B ecommerce promotional tools that add credibility to your brand. http://bit.ly/iImFLB

TWIP #3: #Ecommerce Tip: Don’t let fear of channel conflict keep you from expanding into ecommerce: http://bit.ly/iDph3G

TWIP #4: #Ecommerce Tip: B2B sites should include a small thumbnail product image to help consumers identify products.

TWIP #5: #Ecommerce Tip: Consumers trust consumers. Use customer recommendations–“Customers who purchased X also purchased Y”–to cross sell.

TWIP #6: #Ecommerce Tip: Minimize the use of jargon or technical terms unless you define them or are CERTAIN your audience understands.

TWIP #7: #Ecommerce Tip: Statistics sell. Got some good data to share with your customers? Make sure you merchandise those numbers!

TWIP #8: #Ecommerce Tip: Maximize every customer contact: add a discount on a future purchase to the confirmation email for this purchase.

TWIP #9: #Ecommerce Tip: Broken ecommerce site functionality is worse than no ecommerce functionality. Make sure your site WORKS.

TWIP #10: #Ecommerce Tip: Consider the number of products on your site. Large SKU counts will require different merchandising than small SKU counts.

BONUS TWIP! #Ecommerce Tip: 4 Essential Online Resources for B2B Ecommerce http://bit.ly/e1P7oX @juntajoe @fearlesscomp @hubspot @seewhyinc #b2b

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