B2B e-Commerce Delivers Your Customers a Powerful Online Purchasing Experience

B2B e-commerce is the collective term used to describe business-to-business commerce activities through digital channels, such as through a website on the Internet. It is primarily concerned with businesses in the manufacturing or distribution sectors selling products to other businesses in any applicable sector. B2B e-commerce is both similar to and different from business-to-consumer (B2C) e-commerce: Similar in that it offers a great online buying experience to customers, but different in its exceptional ability to process complex business requirements.

B2B e-Commerce

InsiteCommerce B2B e-Commerce:

Beautiful on the Outside, One Smart Cookie on the Inside

Just as beautiful, but more complex, intelligent and robust than its B2C e-commerce cousin, a well-designed B2B e-commerce solution benefits your organization and helps you achieve your business goals. On the outside, the visual interface and interactive design of a good B2B website is pleasing to use, while on the inside it performs the very complex processes that are unique to B2B transactions.

Manufacturers and distributors who adopt a B2B e-commerce strategy into their business model can transform their business and benefit in many ways. InsiteCommerce is a leading software solution that provides a scalable and flexible platform focused on the complexities of B2B e-commerce and can help transform your business by:

  • Providing an abundance of detailed online information about your products to the growing mass of B2B buyers who typically go to the Internet first to research products, well ahead of contacting you directly.
  • Giving your customers and prospects a rich online experience that makes their jobs easier, as well as makes your brand easy to do business with.
  • Offering your customers a simple way to complete B2B purchasing transactions that often involve complex variables, such as contracts, pricing agreements, workflow approvals, business rules, multi-currency, multi-language, quote capabilities, back-end integrations and other requirements.
  • Fortifying your existing sales and marketing channels by providing internal staff with rich knowledge about your customers’ online search activities and enabling staff to respond with high-tech digital tools that foster new and existing business relationships and increase transactions.
  • Revolutionizing your internal operations by streamlining processes and maximizing efficiencies.