Company Overview

It’s all about bringing speed and direction to your revenue using smart digital marketing solutions - a set of services we call Revelocity. We fuse the power of data with technical know-how to drive bottom-line results for your business.

Marketing is a digital pursuit, and you need a team with business acumen and technical chops to capture, process and make sense of all of the data available to you. You need a team that can help you automate—minimizing input and maximizing output, all the while moving prospects from interested to invested.

We design, build, implement and support impactful digital marketing solutions empowering you to manage an ever-increasing volume of content, integrate marketing with the rest of your IT systems, and have a real relationship with your clients and prospects. Our suite of services include Experience Marketing—Strategy & Implementation, CMS Selection & Implementation, eCommerce, Integration, Project Rescue, and Managed Services.

We’re a collection of hardcore technology enthusiasts who never met a challenge we didn’t face with fervor. We’ve been doing what we do since 1988—first toiling in the realm of software development and integration, and later evolving into the digital marketing outfit that we are today. Our business is rooted in Revelocity. Working with us will be a little different from any experience you’ve had before.

Are you ready to bring speed and direction to your revenue? If you answered yes (because in reality who wouldn’t want that), RDA would love to meet you.


  • Experience Marketing—Strategy & Implementation
  • CMS Selection & Implementation
  • eCommerce
  • Integration
  • Project Rescue
  • Managed Services


Baltimore, MD

303 International Circle, Suite 340
Hunt Valleym MD 21030
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Atlanta, GA

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Philadelphia, PA

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Charlotte, NC

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Washington, DC

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Reston, VA 20191
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